Egg Bulb, a good gift for you and your friends...

Egg Bulb, create relaxing and warm atmosphere anywhere and infuse your room with warm light using new LED light technology.

Egg Bulb, very light and mini with the round egg shape, USB connection,it is able to provide fire flame lights, bright lights, night lights, but also be a necessary essence of good helper in daily lives for Home, Travel, BBQ, Buy and Sell in the night market, Walk on the road at night, Bedroom, Bar, KTV, Coffee room etc.

1. Pearl type like an Egg

2. Mini, cute with only 200 grams, good for bringing up on hand

3. 4 functional modes: 

 - Fire mode, lasts up to 17 hours

 - Bright mode, lasts up to 5 hours

 - Night mode, lasts up to 48 hours

 - To be a Power Bank with a large capacity of 5200 mAh 

4. Universal USB connectors for power charging (5VDC 1A)

5. Size: 112.60 mm x 87.7 mm

6. Weight: 200 grams

7. External shells: Plastic ABS, Ultrasonic Welding for top and bottom shells

8. Water-proof and dust as well

9. Two sets of optional accessories: 

9.1 Clip; 

9.2 Magent clip 

9.3 Free DIY based on whatever directions to be customized

Product Instruction