With Our Bluetooth Bike Speaker, You Can Jam Out to Bon Jovi on the Way to Work


For the Pleasure

There is no doubt about it, biking is simply fun. Nothing compares to having the wind blow through your hair and rays of sun drenching your face as you roll down the street. It is almost poetic. Biking to work gives you a feeling of exhilaration that offsets the daily grind. Plus, with our Bluetooth bike speaker, you can jam out to Bon Jovi on the way to work and crank a little Twisted Sister for the ride home. Unless, of course, you prefer death metal. 


The exact amount of calories burned riding a bike varies between each person, but you are guaranteed to burn more calories riding your bike to work than driving. Bike riding also improves aerobic and cardiovascular fitness as well as lowers blood pressure and boosts energy. 

More Money

Stop and consider how much money you spend in a week or in a month on gas. It probably adds up pretty quickly. Biking to work saves money because your gas guzzling vehicle stays in the garage. Imagine what you can do with that extra cash.

Makes You Smarter

Biking to work just might make you a smarter person. Research has shown that daily exercise can prevent cognitive decline, sharpen your memory and improve overall brain function. This is just what you need to land that better paying position!


If given the choice, we are sure most people would rather enjoy the freedom of riding their bike to and from work rather than sitting in traffic jams. Break the chains and discover the new-found freedom of riding a bike.

Ride your bike to work and enjoy the many benefits.