CMO/Chief Marketing Officer


Director of Operations

  • Charles has many years of global marketing and supply chain management. 
  • He has been the director of Quality and Manufacturing operations for Nanoleaf Technology Corp., supplying consumer electronics into over 100 global stores across the globe, including the Apple Store,Best Buy etc.
  • He has been in the electronics industry for over 10 years ensuring quality and manufacturing operations with 5C products at Foxconn Group.
  • Charles earned Harvard Manage Mentor, and a Bachelor of Computer Technology and Science degree from China University of Petroleum.      


R&D Director

  • Mr.Wu is an innovator, researcher, and a creator. 
  • He has worked on many highly experimental products from the solar powered car to industrial lasers to highly successful consumer electronic products and smart home Eco-system products as well that went from idea to Apple Store, Best Buy in less than 1 year.
  • Mr.Wu leads each of his projects with a high level of focus and creativity, often finding out non-obvious solutions to difficult problems. 
  • Mr.Wu had been many of highly successful start up companies in the past 20 years more, often experiencing exponential growth. 
  • As Chowston Limited's strategic partner, Mr.Wu plans to realize his own innovative ideas as well as provide consultation services to clients with creative ideas.